Hi there !
We are a Swiss team of romantic artists -Oniro-
and assiduous developers -Forge-

We want to live in world filled with audacious, innovative VR/AR video games,
that come bundled with a dozen of early 90's classic games, that defined our generation.

Analytical Game Design

We are a multidisciplinary team, proud about our video game heritage. We think inside of the box: We always refer our game design decisions to classical games and we believe game design innovation comes from what we already know.

The technology to support the gameplay

We believe that the latest technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will bring a lot to games. We really want to define what makes those unique and use them as core of our game mechanics.

Collaboration, Reasearch and Network

We are so, so happy to make games we want to share our passion with everyone. With an academic background, we collaborate with several swiss schools and associations on several research projects and game development workshops.

Hell Eluja

Discover our upcoming 2-player VR horror game.

Look at our cool projects

Hell Eluja

How to make VR social? Hell Eluja is an asymmetrical 2-player VR game, where one player is trapped in a dark dungeon and the other plays as the dungeon master on a tablet.

Release: Q2 2017

Code Name: PowerDisc

Code Name: PowerDisc is a 2-player competitive game on HTC-Vive.


Code Name: wAR

Tabletop wargames meets Augmented Reality.


We design and develop Virtual and Augmented Reality games.

Have an idea? Want to collaborate? Want to say hi? Drop us a line!


c/o Fri Up
Passage du Cardinal 11
1700 Fribourg