Game jam projects

Games in 48 hours.

Time constraint is a strength

We took part to a lot of game jams. Those are the perfect place for us to experiment and express our creativity



A 80's teacher punishes three dunces by throwing them chalks

i3 Game Jam 2016

The Fluffy Factory

As the owner of a fluffy factory, you manage the workforce in order to stay comptitive.

Ludum Dare 37 (2016)

Rhythm Apocalypse: KPop Remix

A 2-player rhythm battle. With dirty techno KPop

Epic Game Jam 2016


A simple and cosy puzzle platformer

Epic Game Jam 2016

Ding Dang Doom

Two-buttons Triangle Hero

Ludum Dare 32 (2015)

Genbo Amou

Fly through the city, using your sonar to locate obstacles and find your soulmate.

Global Game Jam 2017

Meow VS the Capitafishs

Adorable Shoot'em up in claymotion

Epic Game Jam 2015

Hell Eluja - Jam Version

A monochromatic graphical VR adventure

Global Game Jam 2016