Based in Fribourg, Switzerland

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Q4, 2017

Gear VR
Google Daydream


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Hell Eluja is an asymmetrical game where the first player, called Hero, plays inside VR and the second player, called Dungeon Master, plays on a tablet or a smartphone. The Hero is trapped in a dark dungeon and must find 4 hidden keys (randomly generated). He is left at himself and must run away from monsters. The Dungeon Master takes the role of the mastermind. He can see the dungeon from above and has the ability to summon the monsters. With them, the Dungeon Master must find and catch the Dungeon Crawler before he gets 4 keys.


During the Global Game Jam 2016, they created a VR game: a monochromatic graphical adventure, called Hell Eluja. During that time, the team also studied the technology (VR) and experimented several ways to interract with it. One project was an asymmetrical game with a jail guard and a prisoner. Seeing the potential of the mechanic, the team decided to merge both projects. With Hell Eluja, we want to make VR social.


  • Local multiplayer asymmetrical game - The game is meant to be played with your friends: A great way to experience virtual reality.
  • Awaken your sadistic inner self. You can incarnate the Evil Boss and scare your friend.
  • Left at yourself, you will be immersered in a dark world controled by your friend.
  • Several maps and monsters to test your friendships.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "People Choice Award." Stunfest, 22 May, 2016

Selected Articles

  • "[FR] Les créateurs de jeux vidéo helvétiques sont repartis du Stunfest de Rennes bardés de prix. Et démontrent ainsi la vigueur d’une scène solidaire et créative"
    - Yannick Rochat, Le Temps
  • "[EN] What’s next for Indie Gaming? GDC 2017 highlights"
    - Edouard Reat Noch, Swissnex San Francisco Blog
  • "[FR] 7 Jeux vidéo suisses qui raflent les prix"
    - Yannick Rochat, Le Temps

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About Oniroforge

We are a team of Swiss artists - Oniro- and game developers -Forge-. We want to live in world filled with audacious, innovative VR/AR video games, that come bundled with a dozen of early 90's classic games, that defined our generation. Our goal is to create intelligent and charming games using the latest technologies, bringing something new to untamed technologies, something that we have not seen before.

More information
More information on Oniroforge, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Hell Eluja Credits

Qui Cung
Game Designer and Project Manager, Oniroforge

Yann Piller
Programmer, Oniroforge

Alexis Simonetta
Artist, Oniroforge

Naomi Favre
3D Artist, Oniroforge

Julien Matthey
Sound Designer, Freelancer

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